About me.

My specialty, my passion, and my full enthusiasm lies in the physical transformation of those who seek a change for their body.

My interest in health and fitness began as a young teenager, where I began reading books on nutrition and exercise as a way for myself to shed the pounds off my overweight frame. Having been overweight in my adolescence, I developed a passion for fitness and nutrition early in life that has only grown in intensity as the years have gone on.

From being successful as a competitive strongman and competing as an amateur boxer, to eating 8 meals a day for 6 months and then intermittent fasting for a year, I have thrown myself headfirst into almost every training system and diet concept imaginable. I completed my degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition and have multiple certifications. This knowledge and success I adapt and apply to my own clients.

I am convinced that training does not only result in a physical change, but also a mental change. Becoming physically strong is one thing, but true strength lies in the unification of mental and physical self-awareness and self-confidence. To achieve a healthy body and mind is the best gift we could ever receive, and the one we are most proud to have given ourselves. Don’t wait or look for excuses not to start your journey.